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Connected, Connection. (2020)

a short film
Connected, Connection is a short film about a couple pulled apart by a national lockdown in a world without modern connectivity.

My favourite section is between 08:24 and 14:14.

Released 18th December 2020 to positive reviews, scoring a 3.8/5 from Film Shortage and 9.0/10 on IMDb.
a feature film

Audition (2021) [Amazon Prime Trailer]

A wide-eyed, ambitious student auditions for a role that could change his life. To succeed, he must impress two draconian judges at any cost. 

Audition released on Amazon Prime Video UK and US on Friday 26th March 2021, opening fourth on the UK platform. (Click to watch the film)


Dizzy. (2020)

a short film
Dizzy is a short directed by my good friend and talented filmmaker, Sooyoung Hahn. 
This was Soo's directorial debut and my first time exclusively producing. 

From Here To Return. (2020)

a short film
From Here To Return is a short directed by Tristan Ashley. 
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